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The fastest way to level up tailoring skill from in no time with this great WoW guide..Travel to western Nagrand and find Altruis the Sufferer.Completing quests for the Aldor will cause your Scryers reputation level to decrease..This epic amulet of item level goes in the "Neck" slot. It is a quest reward from The Fall of the Betrayer. In the Amulets category. Always up to date..

Where in Aldor do I turn in Mark of Sargeras? Since you're allied with the Scryers, you can't turn in the marks of Sargeras to the Aldor. Likewise, if you were allied with the Aldor, you'd be Hated with the Scryers and not able to turn in Firewing Signets. It's basically one or the other with those factions.. As a note, you could theoretically bind at the Scryer inn and then become an Aldor, however, the arcane guardians on the Scryer Tier are actively hostile to Aldor players, just like the Vindicators on Aldor Rise are actively hostile to Scryers. The Aldor Hearth location on their tier is connected via a tunnel directly to Nagrand making it rather .

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