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If you do find that jelqing is painful or uncomfortable after you use your extender, do not do it. But if you find that jelqing is comfortable after you remove the extender, go ahead with it. It can actually be a great idea because it will help to restore blood flow to your. This is important after using an extender..Many who do this do very long routines and include hanging and such. If you want to see how ineffective it is, lose the forever, obsessive, way overtraining routine and break it down. Do minutes of jelqing every other day for one month and then do erect jelqing the same way for a month and note the results..If your guy is jelqing, he should know to do so on a semi erect risk of injury is apparently higher on a hard member , and wrap his manhood in a warm towel pre and post jelq. Q The $ million question Does jelqing actually work?.Furthermore, jelqing might actually do more harm than good. "Jelqing may lead to too much force applied for too little time to produce real change. Like pushing on your teeth really hard for several minutes a day to move them around, instead of just getting braces," says Turek..

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