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Check out a map showing all EverQuest zones, connections, portals, and clickies. A high resolution image that you could print on a large format printer..It's a common trend in Everquest during the later expansions for people who are just starting out to be overwhelmed by all of the changes in the game and how much progress they have to make in order to catch up..Exposed to Norrath by the launch of Meldrath's Fortress Mechanotus, the Dragonscale Hills rise up to the south of the Steamfont Mountains. Though seemingly a peaceful vista, the Dragonscale Hills are rife with danger from the native inhabitants, many of whom are not happy about the intrusion of adventurers into their lands..Everquest launched as FP on . There have been some changes made to the game in support of this change, as well as special rules that apply to free accounts..This solo task begins with Brislebum, who is located at ., ., . in Dragonscale Hills. You say, 'Hail, Brislebum' Brislebum says 'Hello adventurer..This page is my index page for every single Everquest Guide I have written. Below you'll find my guides broken into two different formats the first of which is all of my EQ guides sorted by expansion and the second one is my EQ Leveling Guides sorted by zone..

Everquest Zone Information for Dragonscale Hills. you can root rot the wind nymphs do the quest A Quick La.s of the Light.Frontier Teleporter Safepoint Banker Merchant . Zone summary Short Name dragonscale Type Outdoor Required level None Level .Dragonscale Hills. The EQWiki Your source for random EverQuest knowledge. Jump to a Dragonscale Viper < Level ~ l HP Average Hit .This article is a stub. You can help EverQuest Wiki by expanding it. zone_name Dragonscale Hills zone_type Unknown level_range ?? ?? instanced No key_required No Description Add description here Traveling To and From Dragonscale Hills Add details on traveling to and from the zone..

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