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Women do not have a refractory period, and may be stimulated to another immediately after having had one. How long does the refractory period last? There's no standard waiting time, so there's not much point in comparing. For some men, it's mere minutes before they can come again for others, it takes hours, or even a good night's .Usually, it takes some time for an excitable membrane to prepare for stimulus again. Yes, it's true that some men can stay erect after, but rest assured that a majority of men need this "break time" to rebuild their strength and .My husband and I will do anything, oral,, and anything else we can think of, except somes the only problem is after he ejaculates, he becomes flacid, and is physically and emotionally "through"..Quick hards and the ability to last for hours is what most men dream of possessing. Premature ejaculation can be extremely embarrassing and it can put you in a tight spot. However, you do not really have to suffer with it forever..

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