April 23, 2014 4:29 am
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Dido Covers Bronksi Beat’s “Smalltown Boy”

Dido Covers Bronksi Beat's "Smalltown Boy"

If you know me well enough, you know how much I love “Smalltown Boy” by Bronksi Beat, so it’s always interesting to hear another artist take a shot at covering it. While promoting her new hits album, Dido stopped by Chris Evans Breakfast studio to perform a beautiful rendition of the song.  Dido released her greatest hits collection last month. The collection features a brand new track entitled “NYC” produced by Greg Kurstin, plus 17 hits including “Thank You,” “White Flag,” “Life For Rent,” Eminem’s “Stan,” Faithless’ “One Step Too Far” and the Oscar-nominated “If I Rise” written with A.R. Rahman for the film 127 Hours. You can get Greatest Hits on iTunes now.

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discodude says:

This is lovely. :-) Dido could really sing anything and make it great. I am a huge fan of the original too.

Jared says:

I thought so, too. I love the lyrics.

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