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Claude Monet [klod mn] * . November in Paris . Dezember in Giverny, geboren Oscar Claude Monet war ein bedeutender franzosischer Maler, dessen mittlere Schaffensperiode der Stilrichtung des Impressionismus zugeordnet wird..Claude Monet is famous for being one of the pioneers of Impressionist art and a revolutionary painter. Here are interesting facts about him..Biography Birth and childhood. Claude Monet was born on on the fifth floor of rue Laffitte, in the th arrondissement of Paris. He was the second son of Claude Adolphe Monet and Louise Justine Aubree Monet, both of them second generation Parisians..Selected paintings by Claude Monet. The Painting of Claude Monet. Monet's Painting in Chronological Order.Liste des communes classees en zone B, suivant l'arrete du er aout rectifie par celui du septembre pris en application de l'article R. du code de la construction et de l'habitation..Most famous paintings of the great Impressionist artist Claude Monet. Featuring paintings from The Woman in the Green Dress to the Water Lilies Series..Geography. The commune of Le Pecq is located in a loop of the Seine river, km mi west of Paris, at the foot of the chateau of Saint Germain en Laye Le Pecq's territory is astride the two banks of the Seine and includes a small island, Corbiere..Monet. One word is all I need to say and immediately an image appears in your brain. Well, at least that is what happens to me. I've loved the paintings of Monet even before I knew they were created by a man named Monet..Camille Doncieux was still in her teens when Monet met her around . Although she was of humble origins and worked as a model, she was an attractive, intelligent girl with dark hair and wonderful eyes according to Monet..Claude Monet Claude Monet, French painter who was the initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style..

One of the early masterpieces of Impressionism, On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt by Claude Monet depicts the artist's future wife, Camille Doncieux, sitting near the River Seine. Monet began the painting while he, Camille, and their new son, Jean, were staying at an inn near the village of Bonni res sur Seine..Claude Monet 's On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt x inches is an oil on canvas work housed as part of the Potter Palmer Collection in The Art Institute of Chicago. Claude Monet painted On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt in ..On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt was painted in on the Seine River in the Northwestern Portion of France. Created with oil on canvas and standing at thirty two inches tall by thirty nine and two thirds inches wide, this painting depicts Monet's future wife, Camille Doncieux, gazing across the Seine River at a village not too far off in the ."Cat. On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt, ," in Monet Paintings and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago, ed. Gloria Groom and .

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