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Girls take longer to cum, you should know that and therefore you should practice to take longer too and not ejaculate the quickest way possible. Anyway, I will still answer your question. This one is one of my fave and I can cum quickly..Learning how one can ejaculate quicklier is necessary for some unlucky men who can't seem to come with a partner. Here's how to work on making it happen. Suck on his finger while he is moving inside you, and you just might get a quick ejaculation. . Imagine Something Else. Learning how to ejaculate faster is a problem for a small .Simply, the more charged up you can get him before doing anything physical, will go a long way towards getting him to. For many boys, fellatio oral is the fastest way, because it focuses the stimulation directly on the frenulum where the foreskin is joined to the bottom of the glans..And when any worry wart commentary makes its way into your fantasy, distract yourself by focusing on the virtual tits, ass and face you're planning to plaster with jizz once you have that raging you deserve. I'm turned on just typing it. . Relax Your Muscles..

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