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This is a magical question that video game developers have been trying to figure out for some time. Just how do you create that magic formula that creates a great game that players stick with for years and years, that is also profitable and expandable and can make the company money?.There are six different crafting skills Armormech, Armstech, Artifice, Biochem, Cybertech and Synthweaving. Below are a few details on each one..Crafting Skills SWTOR Whether your team gathers resources or you acquire them through other means, they'll be the cornerstone of crafting. Depending on how you choose t .Swtor_potato have discovered Several Prinawe mounts in SWTOR, while Datamining patch It's not completely certain how they will be added to the game, but.Crew Skills Crafting SWTOR What good is a rag tag band of droids, humans, and aliens if you can't put them to work? Crew Skills allow you to unload some of the burden of the mo .Star Wars The Old Republic, commonly abbreviated as The Old Republic, SWTOR, or simply TOR, is a massively multiplayer online role playing game MMORPG that was produced and released by BioWare, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts..Archaeology . Grade Republic Go to Coruscant. Empire Go to Dromund Kaas. Rubat Crystal Red Amorphous Crystal Green Amorphous Crystal .Bioware has posted the details and rewards of the upcoming Light vs Dark event which is scheduled to begin on June ..A list and overview of new crafting items and schematics added with Patch .All the datacron locations for planet Belsavis in SW The Old Republic with a walkthrough and images..

So just take armor, its gathering skill, and the blue material skill. Slicing I guess got nerfed hard and seems the only way to make good money with it is selling augment mats. Not sure how level lockboxes in the world fare though..This Armormech Leveling Guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to level your Armormech Crew Skill from using the least amount of materials. The Armormech crew skill creates armor used by the Trooper Bounty Hunter and .Armormech is the ability to work with hard metals, alloys and synthetic materials to construct armor for non Force users. Vendor purchased fluxes are used during the armor creation process to refine the materials to ensure suitability..

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