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Single Review: Lady Gaga – “Venus”

When Lady Gaga releases a single, it is bound to garner a massive amount of attention and hype, which can be perplexing at times. Case in point, her new promotional single “Venus”. Shockingly, there are no less than six writers credited for “Venus,” which serves as our latest introduction to her forthcoming album, Artpop. Not even the semi-retro sounding production can save “Venus” from its embarrassingly bad lyrics. Granted, Lady Gaga isn’t exactly known for her stellar lyrics, but these are horrifically cheesy, almost as if Gaga and her co-writers didn’t even try. “Now serve Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus – uh ha! Uranus! Don’t you know my ass is famous?” Yes, Gaga. I am aware you’re famous. I am just not sure why anymore. If a  lesser-known artist released “Venus,” it would most likely go overlooked.

I honestly think that “Venus” is the product of an artist losing touch with the public at large. But it could be an indication of something much worse: an artist that has become so self-involved and consumed with fame that they lack the ability to see what is going on in the outside world. I fear that Lady Gaga has, in fact, become a fame monster. Sure, her little monsters will eat this up, but I don’t think this will have an abiding impact on the rest of us. Gaga has shown glimmers of what it takes have a lasting impact on pop music (“Bad Romance,” “Just Dance”), but I am afraid her more recent work will only tarnish what she has already achieved.

Any way you look at it, “Venus” is another insubstantial miss. All-in-all, it’s a novelty song without much novelty. Hopefully, “Venus” will be the worst thing Artpop has to offer, but I fear it isn’t. “Venus” is yet another weak introduction to Artpop.


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