November 26, 2014 7:18 am
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Single Review: Culture Club – “More Than Silence”

Alright, before I even start this post I feel like I should disclose this: A while back, I had an unfortunate exchange on social media with Boy George that ended poorly. Anyway, I am sharing this with you for a reason – more on that later. Culture Club is on the comeback train with a new song titled “More Than Silence.” The ... Read More »

Single Review: Gwen Stefani – “Baby Don’t Lie”

When I first laid eyes on the neon colored artwork for Gwen Stefani’s solo comeback single, “Baby Don’t Lie,” I could barely contain my excitement. It has been six years since Gwen has released a solo single, so I figured the lead single off her forthcoming record would pack a massive punch. After the excitement of hearing something new from Gwen ... Read More »

Single Review: Fergie – “L.A. Love (La La)”

Fergie is back with a brand new solo single titled “L.A. Love (La La).” As far as comebacks go, the song is likely to find the Black Eyed Peas vocalist a comfy spot on your local top 40 station, but that’s not saying it is worthy of occupying that coveted spot. Unfortunately, “L.A. Love (La La)” is a monotonous effort that never fully ... Read More »

Single Review: Jimmy Somerville – “Travesty”

You might remember me mentioning last week that former Bronski Beat vocalist Jimmy Somerville would release a new single titled ”Back To Me.” Well, he had a different song in mind for release in America. Somerville will release the original disco song “Travesty” in the US on October 28th via Membran. The track is the lead single from the forthcoming ... Read More »

Album Review: Tove Lo – “Queen of the Clouds”

If there is one thing that blogging about pop music has taught me, it’s that no country produces artists with a more creative and flexible approach to crafting perfectly executed pop music like Sweden. Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Lo is no exception to this rule. Tove Lo, a graduate of Stockholm’s prestigious and rigorous Rytmus Music school, has already had a ... Read More »

Single Review: Billy Idol – “Can’t Break Me Down”

It has to be a daunting task for any established artist to release a modern sounding single without losing cred with their core fan base, but that is exactly what Billy Idol has done with his new single, “Can’t Break Me Down.” “Can’t Break Me Down” is a chill-inducing rock anthem that practically dares you to not sing along. It feels ... Read More »

Single Review: Little Jackie – “Sweet”

Although singer-songwriter and violinist Imani Coppola has had several brushes with fame, most notably the 1997 top 40 hit “Legend Of A Cowgirl,” her music has never made a lasting connection with the general public. In 2008, after forming the pop music duo Little Jackie with producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Pallin, Coppola had another close call with the mainstream ... Read More »

Single Review: Hilary Duff – “Chasing the Sun”

Hilary Duff is back with a brand new single titled “Chasing the Sun.” The song, which was written by Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves and Toby Gad and produced by Toby Gad, is Duff’s first single from her forthcoming as-yet untitled studio album. Sadly, “Chasing the Sun” isn’t exactly the kind of song you’re likely to remember when it has finished ... Read More »