New Music: Mansions on the Moon – “Full Moon”


Los Angeles, CA based quartet Mansions On The Moon has released their stunning new EP, Full Moon. While the entire release is a fantastic sonic journey that everyone should experience, it’s the title track that really reached out and grabbed me.

Saturated in shimmering synths, “Full Moon” is the kind of song musical dreams are made of. Harmonious sounds bend, shimmer, swirl and echo off one another giving the song a delightful hazy feeling. The Mansions on the Moon and Sunny Norway produced song features a slow hypnotic beat and a fantastic vocal performance from lead-singer Ted Wendler that sounds almost like a whispering confessional. Over the course of four glorious minutes, the track quietly builds and transforms into a cresting wave of sonic euphoria. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone wouldn’t want this gem in their music library. It’s just so, so good. You can download the Full Moon EP over on Bandcamp.


Jared Braden

Jared Braden is a music enthusiast and blogger who loves all things pop and dance. He is always on the lookout for new and exciting pop acts to bring to you.