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Download: SIRPAUL – Every Single Moment (SIRPAUL Kingsize Club Mix)

Well, it doesn’t get much better than this. Out singer/songwriter SIRPAUL is back and offering his own remix of  ”Every Single Moment” as a free download. With its aggressive use of electronics and relentlessly throbbing beats, SIRPAUL’s mix of his track “Every Single Moment” is easily one of the brightest remixes of the year. As SIRPAUL unleashes deeply personal lyrics, your ears become immersed in an experience that can only be described as pure sonic bliss. That glorious hook big enough to leave Beyoncé stunned and drooling on the sidelines is another added bonus. It takes a lot for a song to give me chills, but this remix pulled it off effortlessly.

SIRPAUL remains one of my all-time favorite gay pop musicians, and this remix just makes me even more of a fan. “Every Single Moment” is lifted from SIRPAUL’s stunning new studio album, Seventh Star, which is out right now on iTunes. Do your part and support not only quality pop music, but this member of our community. We have to take care of our own, ya know?

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