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Video Premiere: Jade Starling (Pretty Poison) feat. Lee Dagger – “Insomniak”

Judging by the unmanned drone keeping a close eye on Jade Starling in the new music video for her club-friendly single, “Insomniak”, the U.S. government is very interested in keeping tabs on every move she makes. Perhaps they just can’t bear the thought of missing the official release date for Starling’s forthcoming studio album, Captive. Silly government…wasting tax dollars on a drone. All they have to do is follow Starling on Twitter for updates.

Kidding aside, I really do love “Insomniak”. If you missed my review of the track from a few months ago, you can read it below.

While other artists who gained fame in the 80s are slowly creeping into Starbucks territory, Jade Starling has her sights firmly focused on the dancefloor. Starling, who gained fame in 1987 as the lead vocalist for the five-piece Philadelphia dance group Pretty Poison, is back with a fantastic new club track titled “Insomniak.” The song offers up our first official taste of her forthcoming solo album, Captive, which is scheduled for release in the fall of this year.

With fantastic production work from Lee Dagger of remix team Bimbo Jones (yes, Kylie!), “Insomniak” is a song with a twisting beat and enough thumps to keep you moving at the gym or the club. The chorus climbs to dizzying heights before dropping into a frenzy of sounds that can only be described as pure musical ecstasy. If dance radio had enough balls to give this song a fair shot, it could be massive. MASSIVE. It has an undeniable commercial appeal while still maintaining a fresh sound. If you thought the best thing Starling had to offer was “Catch Me (I’m Falling)”, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

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