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Cyndi Lauper Breaks Up Fight During Concert

For pop diva Cyndi Lauper, the show doesn’t always necessarily need to go on. While performing her 1985 top ten hit “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” (yes, it was a hit) in Glenside, PA, Cyndi noticed two older women fighting in the audience. So what does she do? She stops to break it up, of course! Cyndi Lauper: singer, songwriter, actor, LGBT rights activist, and now, mediator. I guess girls don’t always just want to have fun.

Cyndi went back up on stage to tell her keyboardist, “make-believe it didn’t happen.” Lauper, who continued the rest of the show without incident, isn’t the only singer to break up a fight during a show. Florence Welch had to deal with a similar incident during a gig in Aberdeen last year. Check out the YouTube footage of the cat cougar fight below.

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