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Single Review: Christian Burns & Paul van Dyk – “We Are Tonight”

One of the highlights found on former BBMak member Christian Burns’ debut solo album, Simple Modern Answers, is his fantastic collaboration with dance music heavyweight Paul van Dyk on the track “We Are Tonight”. When you combine all the talent involved with “We Are Tonight”, you’re bound to get something pretty special.

With its soaring melody, glimmering beats, pulsing bassline and Burns’ impassioned vocal delivery, “We Are Tonight” is a well-constructed track that comes fully equipped with everything you could want in a dance song. It’s direct, straight to the point, and wastes no time lodging itself  firmly in your head. “We Are Tonight” is an unsurprisingly solid collaboration between two veterans with cred to spare. You can grab the track on iTunes now with remixes from Las Salinas and Alex Wackii & L5Where.


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