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Information Society Release New Single, “Land of the Blind”

Pioneering synth-pop band Information Society, best known for the hits “What’s on Your Mind,” “Walking Away,” “Think,” and their cover of “Lay All Your Love on Me”, is back with a brand new single titled “Land of the Blind.” The release of the new single marks the first time the classic lineup of Information Society (Paul Robb, Kurt Larson and James Cassidy) has released a single in over twenty years. “Land of the Blind” is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album Hello World, which is slated for release later this year.

Speaking about Hello World, Paul Robb recently told “The first single sounds like Information Society. The challenge in making this record was to stay true to the sound our fans know and love, but still move forward and incorporate all the influences we’ve acquired since the last time we recorded together.”

Adding: “We didn’t want it to be ultra current sounding or an oldies thing. We are a band of traditional pop songwriters, no matter what. I like a pop hook, it’s a viable form of music. We were aiming to make a classic Information Society album, something that people would have no trouble identifying as Information Society.”

Riding the tidal wave of synthpop acts to emerge in the 1980s, Information Society stood out among the rest with its infectious blend of pop sensibility and dance-floor beats. The group first struck chart gold in 1988 with the infectious synthpop/freestyle single “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy).” The song not only reached the top of the dance charts, it spent a staggering 39 weeks on it. It also crossed over to the pop charts, peaking at #3 on the Billboard pop charts in October of 1988. “Land of the Blind” is out now on iTunes with mixes from Marcos Carnaval & Paulo Jeveaux, Aesthetic Perfection, Whiteqube, and Inertia.

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