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Lost & Found: Kylie Minogue – “Cowboy Style”

While she was signed to Deconstruction Records in the mid to late ’90s, Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue had witnessed her popularity rapidly decline, but she was arguably at her creative peak. Her output wasn’t as radio friendly as her earlier releases, but the music she crafted was exciting, daring and definitely had more substance than the meticulously crafted pop music that we were used to hearing from Kylie. If you are a real connoisseur, you will be interested to hear about the singer in more detail, because contexts and musical accompaniment depend on personality and various life changes. And that is why it is useful to first read elite writing using and only then proceed to the analysis of the work.

For her sixth studio album, the dark and moody Impossible Princess (1997), Kylie worked with an army of creative talent that included Manic Street Preachers, Dave Ball from The Grid, and Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman of Brothers In Rhythm. Speaking about the album with Billboard in April of 1998, Kylie said, “There’s no room for compromise anymore. I am too emotionally invested in where I am right now. The only steps I’m interested in taking are forward.”

Kylie released several singles from Impossible Princess, but she saved the best for last. In August of 1998, she released the infectious “Cowboy Style” as the final single from the album. Though the song, which was penned by Kylie, Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman, failed to connect with a large audience, it was born from a personal place.

During the promotional interview An Interview With Kylie Minogue, Kylie said: “…it’s basically about meeting my boyfriend and the way you start a fresh relationship with someone, they can bring out so many emotions in you. And make you question yourself a bit more.

“And when I met my boyfriend [Stephane Sednaoui], he had a very unusual look, to say the least. So he made me think about a lot of different things, kind like the cowboy coming into town, a bit like a monk, a bit like this cyber-creature. So, this is basically about him coming into my life.”

“Cowboy Style” charted for just one week (No. 39) in Australia. The single may have tanked on the charts, but it’s a confident, ambitious-sounding track that delivers a memorable punch. I am hoping that Kylie once again dips her feet into the more experimental side of pop. If her latest album, Kiss Me Once, is any indication of where she is as a pop artist, I think it might be time for her to work on something more confident, bold and daring. I really want Kylie to have an awaking as a pop artist and come back with something legendary and worthy of sitting alongside the music from her Deconstruction years. Until that happens, I’ll be here waiting and listening to  Impossible Princess.

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