December 5, 2014 8:59 am
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Free Download: Unlike Pluto – “Beh Leave”

When you have a music blog, you’re bombarded on a daily basis with music that isn’t worth the few seconds that it takes to click the link…..but every once and awhile, clicking that link pays off in a big way. That’s what happened today when I checked out the song “Beh Leave” by Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Unlike Pluto, buy a narrative essay to learn more about this song and artist, and try to share with everyone the cathartic experience you felt while listening.

“Beh Leave” is the type of song that makes me fall in love with music over and over again. Set to deep house beats, soaring vocals and an irresistible melody, the track rolls along beautifully. It is bold, yet lighthearted, and the production couldn’t be better: offering up builds and drops that work in unison to elevate the song to even greater heights. If you only check out one new song today, please, let it be this one! I “Beh Leave”, and you should too. Holy fuck, this is good. You can download “Beh Leave” for free by clicking the download icon in the player.

free download Unlike Pluto

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