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Interview: Christianoshi

Christianoshi, a London-based pop artist whose sound has been drawing comparisons to the music of Depeche Mode, Erasure, Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys, is gearing up for the release of his new single, “Trust.” After hearing his new single earlier in the week, I wanted to learn more about this interesting pop artist. You can read a comparison of his style with other artists at where you can also find mba essay writers to help with any of your activities related to musical sphere and not only.

Growing up, Christianoshi says his musical taste couldn’t be defined by one single genre. “Such a diverse range. I’ve long got rid of my old CDs but I have kept my vinyl and most of my singles were bought in the early-90s – it’s a mixture of rave, indie, R&B and pop,” he reveals. “I started buying records really young, would spend all my pocket-money on it and go around the village taping everyone else’s. I had every Kylie release until that particular box sadly got mislaid when moving house a couple of years ago.”

Christianoshi says he isn’t sure how strongly these early influences have affected his current sound. “…I generally feel contemporary influences but even when writing toplines for dance tracks, I find it hard not to give it a typical pop structure. I find it makes the piece more dynamic and it always bugs me when tracks repeat the first verse for the second.”

As Christianoshi continues to grow and evolve as a musician, he has noticed his music touching on subjects other than love. “Most of the songs I’ve already recorded are about love but I’ve discovered it doesn’t have to be that way and I’m finding a lot of different themes coming up in my writing lately,” he reveals. “Stuff like performance anxiety and quite a filthy Christmas song, which is probably a result from listening to too much Miguel and overdosing on festive tracks when compiling the XXXMAS mixtape for my SoundCloud.”

But no matter where Christianoshi’s music takes him, he intends to stay true to himself and honor his music. “I love that the internet provides a platform to new artists like myself but the major labels still rule and seem to be taking less risks with their signings,” he says. “I also wouldn’t compromise easily so a label would have to make it worth my while. This current single is my first self-release and it’s a straightforward enough process whereas previously I allowed an independent label to release my stuff thinking it would somehow be one less thing to deal with.”

As an openly gay man, Christianoshi says he isn’t open to the idea of playing up to certain stereotypes just to sell records. He prefers to offer something more honest to who he is as a musician. “It’s really not something I think about or play up to but it was a no- brainer that my video would not be played on TV and that might not have been the case several years ago so in some ways it seems we’re regressing. Someone in the industry actually suggested I go all out for the pink pound just because the lyrics in some of my songs make it apparent that I’m gay, as if that is what defines me. You can’t bullshit people, I think being true to yourself goes a long way in overcoming most things in life.”

Christianoshi has just released the contentious music video to accompany his new single. The clip for “Trust” was inspired by London’s world-famous 24-hour gay scene and its high-risk chill-outs and sex parties. “We were inspired by the London gay scene’s notorious chill out parties, which would both take the message of the song to a more extreme level and turn the music video obsession with female sexualisation on its head. It’s a voyeuristic exploration of a modern-day bacchanal, which seems to have ruffled a few feathers,” Christianoshi tells me.

“We set out to highlight a very real, alluring but dangerous subculture that most people don’t even realise exists and I think we managed to achieve that – Mikko and James at Wild Beast Productions did a sterling job. I’m extremely proud of the video and pleased it has stirred a reaction in people and provoked thought and discussion.”

As for his favorite part of shooting the video for “Trust”, Christianoshi says, “I most enjoyed the solo performances with the projections and the red lighting because we had the luxury of time and more of an intimate crew setting than on the initial two-day shoot, which left us pushed for time. I also got to borrow my make-up artist friend Eoin Whelan, who we were unable to pin down the first time around so it was a lot of fun having him (and his magic kit) around.”

To learn more about Christianoshi, be sure to check out his Twitter, Facebook and official website. You can pre-order his new single “Trust,” which comes out tomorrow, by clicking here!

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