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Lost & Found: Tekla – “Somebody Else”

Tekla may be a pop artist who you’re unfamiliar with, but that doesn’t mean she is unworthy of your attention. The Swedish pop singer and songwriter had her sights set on America back in June of 1999 when she inked a deal with Nettwerk and released her North American debut album, Somebody Else. Contact for personal statement writing service to learn more about the artist and understand her talent. The album, which was her fourth studio release, sounded like a not so distant cousin to Madonna’s genre-shifting 1998 album Ray of Light. That’s not a bad thing if you ask me!

Tekla set out on a mini tour of the United States in support of the release in April and May of 1999. She even joined Sarah McLaughlin on the ’99 Lilith Fair tour. The title track, which served as the lead single from the album, was remixed by dancefloor titan Lenny Bertoldo and quickly distributed to clubs across America. Things appeared to be going great for the Swedish songbird. Following her signing with Nettwerk, she had record deals lined up in Asia, South America, and Europe.

Despite the promotional tour and critical praise from Billboard, who called the Thomas Hedquist produced album “mesmerizing” and described it “as if William Orbit, Sarah McLachlan, Madonna and Texas came together for an all-night recording session,” both the album and lead single failed to make an impact on any chart in America. Thankfully, “Somebody Else” was one of the random singles I stumbled across in a music store in the early 2000’s. I feel lucky to have found it, and I think it could have launched Tekla into a global pop star if handled differently. Unfortunately, destiny had something else in mind.

Little is known about Tekla in 2014. She is said to have retired from music entirely after the release of Somebody Else and is rumored to be living in Stockholm. Wherever she is, I hope she one day returns to pop music because her voice is made for the genre.

Sadly, the “Somebody Else” single with remixes isn’t available online, but you can download the entire album, which I suggest you do, on iTunes! You can stream the album via Spotify below.


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Ray of Light Somebody Else Tekla

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