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Lost & Found: Nina Hagen – “Universal Radio”

One year after the 1983 release of her Giorgio Moroder produced sophomore album, Fearless, East Berliner Nina Hagen, often called the “Queen Mother of Punk”, met with British music producer Adam Kidron to begin work on the follow-up. Nina began working on material for her third studio album, which would eventually be titled Nina Hagen in Ekstasy, throughout 1984 with frequent collaborator Karl ... Read More »

Lost & Found: Tia – “Slip N Slide”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin native Tia Leslie, better known as simply Tia, seemed to have everything necessary to make it in pop music, but it seems pop just wasn’t ready for her sexually suggestive, electro-tinged sound. Tia released her club-friendly single “Slip N’ Slide” in America in 1995 via the now defunct Atlanta, Georgia based Ichiban Records. For younger ears, the song could have easily been ... Read More »

Lost & Found: Kylie Minogue – “Cowboy Style”

While she was signed to Deconstruction Records in the mid to late ’90s, Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue had witnessed her popularity rapidly decline, but she was arguably at her creative peak. Her output wasn’t as radio friendly as her earlier releases, but the music she crafted was exciting, daring and definitely had more substance than the meticulously crafted pop music that we were ... Read More »

Lost & Found: Cyndi Lauper – “You Don’t Know”

On April 01, 1997, Cyndi Lauper released her fifth studio album, Sisters Of Avalon, in the United States. The album’s lead single, “You Don’t Know”, was produced by Lauper, her former longtime writing partner Jan Pulsford and British record producer Mark Saunders (Erasure, The Cure, Tricky). In March of 1997, Billboard Magazine called the single “a commercially viable, funk-fortified pop ... Read More »

Lost & Found: Elastica – “Connection”

If I was ever to attempt the impossible task of narrowing down my top five favorite songs that clock in under two minutes and thirty seconds, Elastica’s “Connection” would undoubtedly be a front-runner. Fronted by Justine Frischmann, Elastica was formed by Justine and fellow ex-Suede member and Justin Welch in 1992.  Originally calling themselves “Onk,” the band changed their name to Elastica in ... Read More »

Lost & Found: Tekla – “Somebody Else”

Tekla may be a pop artist who you’re unfamiliar with, but that doesn’t mean she is unworthy of your attention. The Swedish pop singer and songwriter had her sights set on America back in June of 1999 when she inked a deal with Nettwerk and released her North American debut album, Somebody Else. The album, which was her fourth studio release, ... Read More »

Lost & Found: Donna Lewis – “Without Love”

Donna Lewis was born in Cardiff, Wales. Growing up, she tells me she often listened to her fathers Jazz record collections: “My father had a vast jazz record collection; from big band stuff like Count Basie and Duke Ellington to Nancy Wilson,  Ella Fitzgerald to Jobim,” Lewis explains. “In my teenage years, it was  Motown, Elton John, T Rex and ... Read More »

Lost & Found: Tori Amos – “Glory of the 80’s”

In 1999, Tori Amos released “Glory of the 80’s” as the fourth single off her album To Venus and Back (iTunes). “Glory of the 80’s” reached #46 on the UK singles chart, having the lowest debut since her 1994 single “God”, which is a shame because the track is one of her finest moments. Speaking about the decadent decade that ... Read More »