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Lost & Found: Cyndi Lauper – “You Don’t Know”

On April 01, 1997, Cyndi Lauper released her fifth studio album, Sisters Of Avalon, in the United States. The album’s lead single, “You Don’t Know”, was produced by Lauper, her former longtime writing partner Jan Pulsford and British record producer Mark Saunders (Erasure, The Cure, Tricky). When creating a hit as a product of art, i.e. with words, melody, their combination with voice and style, you should also remember the quality, namely, the semantic range. This song is something to listen to! And for a more detailed analysis of it, refer to to order admission essay to get one hundred percent return from the song.

In March of 1997, Billboard Magazine called the single “a commercially viable, funk-fortified pop jam that has been deftly remixed with a variety of trend-conscious dance beats by Tony Moran, Prince Quick and Junior Vasquez.”

While the single failed to make an impact on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, it did become a club hit, peaking at number 16 on both the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and Billboard Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales charts.

Interestingly, Mark Saunders once told me that working with Lauper on the album almost ruined his passion for creating music and that her infamous perfectionism made the recording process a nightmare. Despite this, Sisters of Avalon doesn’t sound like it was born out of frustration. It’s a polished album that I am sure Lauper is proud of.

1997 You Don't Know

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  • Bente Brunland

    Loved this single from Cyndi. Was living in San Francisco and heard this on the radio. The Sisters of Avalon record was truly underrated, but did spawn some nice danceable hits. Ballad of Cleo and Joe anyone?