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Interview: Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne really needs no introduction. Over her career, she has had several Top Tens on various Billboard charts including, most recently, her 2008 Billboard #1 dance hit, “Beautiful”. Growing up Dayne says she would often listen to AM radio, “I’m a product of NY AM radio and early to mid 70s. At any given time Stevie Wonder, Karen Carpenter, Marvin Gaye, Blood Sweat and Tears and Paul McCartney were ruling the airwaves.”

Most of those early influences can be heard in Dayne’s impressive back catalog of songs, including her breakout single “Tell It To My Heart”, which, upon its release in the Autumn of 1987, propelled the singer into pop stardom, “When I  graduated high school I went to University for music/voice. I studied operatically by day and at night I was in the clubs with my first band Felony. My vocal skills and tools were to save my voice for years to come touring. After one particular show in NY I bumped into a kid I went to high school with. He  was at Warner Chappell Pub and had a friend compile me a tape of songs uncut that I might like,” Taylor recalls. “Tell it was one of the 5 or so. My dad loaned me 6k and my producer partner Ric Wake to cut the track.” The Grammy nominated track would go on to become the 23rd best-selling single of the year in the UK.

Dayne followed the success of “Tell It to My Heart” with a string of memorable pop gems, including “With Every Beat of My Heart,” “I’ll Be Your Shelter,” and the number one “Love Will Lead You Back,” which Taylor says is her favorite.

Taylor is, without a doubt, a phenomenally gifted singer. She is one of those rare talents who sound just as good in person as they do on the radio. A few years back, I was able to witness Dayne’s spectacular, octave-vaulting vocals first hand during a live concert, an experience I will never forget. She has a way of connecting with an audience that most performers would kill for. “Really there is nothing like the power of performing live and having that fan connection,” Taylor explains. “Some shows are better than others and some shows just leave you on your knees. It’s ever changing and glorious and you see first hand the power of music and the connection it makes for everyone.”

Over 50,000 spectators were able to experience the power of her voice when Taylor performed her single “Facing a Miracle” live during the closing ceremonies at the 2010 Gay Games in Germany. “I love arenas. The roar of the lions!! That’s truly the feeling. It’s like thunder that much energy under one roof experiencing the same thing.” And Taylor appreciates the love she receives from her large gay fan base, “I perform many Pride shows. My gay audience is my most loyal and fun audience.”

Now, Taylor is back with another surefire dance hit titled “Floor On Fire”, out worldwide on June 22nd. Dayne describes the song as having “a strong dance/pop melody” and being “quite infectious”. The single, which is the first of two new tracks to be included in her forthcoming hits package, is destined to be another club smash for the singer. The song comes with a collection of  club and dance radio friendly mixes by The Thin Red Men, Marc Lime & K-Bastian, Zoned Out and Joe Marton.

After all her career ups and downs, Taylor is still grateful to her fans for allowing her the opportunity to do what she loves. “I love you and I’m grateful for your ever-loving support and ever-growing faces.” Thanks to Angel Artists for arranging the interview.

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