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Liza Minnelli’s “Results” Turns 25

Want to feel old? Really old? As Attitude reports, Liza Minnelli’s quintessential album Results, which happens to be one of my all time favorite records, is celebrating its 25th birthday this month. For the LP, Liza paired up with iconic synth pop duo Pet Shop Boys. The result was one of the finest dance/pop records of all time. “Liza’s great because she’s up for anything,” Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant explained. “When she’s at the mic, you’ve got this whole show being done just for you. I think Results was possibly the best album we’ve ever made.”

Results spawned four singles: “Losing My Mind,” “Don’t Drop Bombs,” “So Sorry, I Said” and “Love Pains”, but the entire album was solid enough for every track to be released on its own. There is something magical about the lush production and the warm synths that weave their way around Liza Minnelli’s distinctive vocals. Results is the very definition of a dramatic pop album. The critically acclaimed LP went virtually unnoticed in America, peaking at No. 128 on the Billboard 200, but it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

I can recall the first time I heard Results from start to finish. It was 1998, and I was riding in the car with my very first boyfriend (“David”) to go get dinner. Growing up in a Southern Baptist home, I missed out on a lot of pop music. However, David, who was eight years my senior, was always introducing me to music that I had missed out on: Pet Shop Boys, Information Society, Dead or Alive, Erasure and Billy Idol (Heroin era). From the moment he put Results onI was hooked. I couldn’t believe it was Liza Minnelli who was singing over the obviously Pet Shop Boys produced music. 

We drove all over town until the entire album had finished playing. I will never forget that hour of my life. My relationship with David didn’t last more than two years, but my love affair with Results has never faltered. Results is available on iTunes. 

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