October 14, 2014 11:36 pm
Erasure The Violet Flame
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Listen To New Erasure Single, “Reason”

U.K. synth-pop veterans Erasure will release “Reason” on November 24th as the second single from their new album, The Violet Flame, out now via Mute. The 9-track EP single includes the new b-side “Die 4 Love” plus remixes of “Reason” by Parralox, Carter Tutti, and JRMX.. The release also features the Jochen Simms remix of “Dead of Night” and the GRN Remix of “Sacred.”

Track Listing

01. Reason – Single Mix
02. Die 4 Love
03. Reason – Extended Mix
04. Reason – Parralox Remix
05. Reason – Carter Tutti Remix
06. Reason – JRMX Remix
07. Sacred – GRN Remix
08. Reason – Live Rehearsal Version
09. Dead Of Night – Jochen Simms Remix

Carter Tutti Jochen Simms JRMX Parralox The Violet Flame

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