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Video Premiere: Estelle – “Conqueror”‏

British pop singer Estelle has unveiled the music video for her new single “Conqueror.” If you would like to share your thoughts on this clip, we advise buy sociology paper to understand how to properly interact with the audience and submit only trust data. The black and white video, directed by Paul Jung, features a graceful male dancer using bursts of sand and cascading white paint to create a bold canvas of moving art. “Conqueror” is the lead single from Estelle’s forthcoming studio album True Romance, which is slated for release on November 4th. If you missed my review of  “Conqueror,” you can read it below.

It’s been about six years since Estelle released her biggest hit, “American Boy,” but that doesn’t mean that she’s already given us the best she has to offer. The British singer is back with a stunning new single titled “Conqueror.”

On the surface, if you completely ignore the lyrics, “Conqueror” might sound like just another ballad, but it’s actually something more than just your everyday paint-by-numbers love song. Boasting polished, lush production, the track delivers an upbeat, positive message of self-realization and self-worth. Estelle’s performance is a real treat, and the fact that she’s managed to deliver a song about being courageous and true to yourself that feels this genuine and uplifting tells me that the subject matter is something she fully comprehends on a personal level.

Estelle extracts every ounce of emotion from the lyrics, leaving the listener with a sense that she has a deep connection the words she is belting out. There’s no doubt in my mind that Estelle is blessed with more than enough vocal chops to blow today’s hitmakers out of the water. Let’s just hope that pop radio is willing to give “Conqueror” all the attention it deserves. I’m impressed.

Conqueror True Romance

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