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Streaming: Swedish Singer Molly Sandén Releases New Single, “Freak”

Swedish songbird Molly Sandén has released her new single “Freak” in America. Speaking about the track, Molly says, “Some songs you write. Some songs are just born. “Freak” is a song that almost gave birth to itself. The words came straight from my heart since it’s based on my own experiences. It’s about fighting your bad self-confidence and trying to ignore the voices in your head that are trying to stop you from being who you wanna be. I think that’s something many people can relate to.”

“Freak”, which was released today via iTunes, is currently sitting atop the Swedish iTunes chart. The track was written by Sandén, Victor Thell, Maria Smith and Kevin Högdahl (signed by RedOne).

Freak Molly Sandén Swedish pop

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