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Video Premiere: Luna Aura – “Radio”

I’ve been singing the praises of “Radio” by Phoenix-based indie pop singer Luna Aura for a few weeks, now the song has a music video! For the music video, Luna wanted the lyrics and emotion behind the creation of song to come to life. “I wanted the video to feel very controlled and a little uneasy, especially because that’s how I felt at that time,” she explains. “I wasn’t sure about how to handle what I was feeling for this person, and I was always trying to keep myself under control.

“We were both playing games because we wanted to be together, but knew it couldn’t happen. So when I would show him that I loved him, he would pull away from me… and I would do the same when he showed me that he loved me. But every once in a while, we would be in perfect harmony with one another. Loving each other and allowing ourselves to be loved as well. I feel like the video portrays that beautifully.”

If you haven’t purchased your copy of “Radio” yet, I suggest you head to iTunes right now!

Luna Aura radio

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