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Alison Moyet Announces Live Album ‘Minutes And Seconds – Live’

Alison Moyet will release a live album titled Minutes And Seconds – Live on November 11, 2014. The album (iTunes) features live tracks that were recorded on her 2013 tour in support of her The Minutes album.

Speaking about the album, Alison says, “Having worked live for an age with a traditional band line-up I decided to return to my recording roots and an electronic pallet.

This rapprochement begins with my 2013 album ‘the minutes’, a body of work I wrote together with its producer Guy Sigsworth, resulting in a collection of material that is entirely pleasing for me to perform live.

As the catalyst for ‘the minutes’ tour, it enabled me to revisit some of my earlier work, either in the context it was originally intended, or with a new ear. Instead, reworking organic songs into a programmed format rather than the other way around and sparing me the niggling suspicion that I was in danger of inhabiting my own tribute act – which is a relevant consideration when you have been singing some of the songs for 30 something years, and wish still to be engaged.”


  1. Horizon Flame (Live)
  2. When I Was Your Girl (Live)
  3. Ordinary Girl (Live)
  4. Remind Yourself (Live)
  5. Is This Love? (Live)
  6. Winter Kills (Live)
  7. Filigree (Live)
  8. Only You (Live)
  9. Changeling (Live)
  10. This House (Live)
  11. All Signs Of Life (Live)
  12. All Cried Out (Live)
  13. Situation (Live)

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