April 9, 2014 11:13 pm
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Róisín Murphy Announces EP, New Album Coming This Year

Former Moloko vocalist Róisín Murphy will release a new six-track EP titled ‘Mi Senti’ on May 28th, reports Fact. The EP, which was recorded over the past year in London and Ibiza with producers Sebastiano Properzi and Eddy Stevens, finds Murphy covering five classic Italian pop songs and features one brand new track: “In Sintesi.”

Speaking about “In Sintesi”, Róisín says: “’In Sintesi’ came together very quickly and I think we all enjoyed the freedom of creating from scratch our own thing, after the weeks of work involved in getting the cover versions close to something we could be proud of. Knowing one’s own recorded version has to stand up against the great music you are covering is a pressure you don’t have when you write.”

If a covers EP of 60s and 70s Italian pop songs doesn’t have you on the edge of your seat, no worries because Róisín is currently in the studio working on a brand new studio album that she hopes to release later this year! She released her last studio album, Overpowered, in America in 2008. The album featured the singles “Overpowered,” “Let Me Know,” “You Know Me Better” and “Movie Star.”


01. Ancora Ancora Ancora
02. Pensiero Stupendo
03. Acora Tu
04. In Sintesi
05. Non Credere
06. La Gatta

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