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Kylie Minogue Fans React To “I Was Gonna Cancel” Music Video

Kylie Minogue fans have always been a vocal bunch, so it’s no surprise that they have taken to Facebook in droves to voice their opinions on the new music video for “I Was Gonna Cancel.” Reactions to the video have been overwhelmingly negative, with many questioning the entire campaign for her newest album, Kiss Me Once.

One fan called the video for “I Was Gonna Cancel” her worst since 1988′s “Made In Heaven.” “Been your fan since Head, but this video is worst than Made In Heaven. It’s a shame, because the song is AMAZING.” Another fan wrote: Hope this tour doesn’t go in the same cheap and boring direction as the videos… “Please Kylie, see the reaction of your fans and take back the creativity that characterizes you… What were you thinking when you accepted to air this video???!!!”

Kylie joined management big guns Roc Nation last year after splitting from her longtime manager Terry Blamey. Some fans are now questioning Roc Nation’s involvement in Kylie’s career. “Roc Nation, what type of production are you? Stop promoting every single day the new tour of Beyonce and Jay Z. Kylie Minogue need better direction than this. The video is a big FLOP the worst she ever released,” one fan wrote on Kylie’s Facebook page.

While Kylie’s chart history in America has been sporadic at best, many had hoped that Kylie’s move to Roc Nation would signal the beginning of another wave of popularity Stateside. This, of course, didn’t happen. Kylie’s latest record, Kiss Me Once, made its debut on Billboard at number thirty-one. In her native Australia, the first single from the record, “Into The Blue,” became her very first lead single not to debut within the top forty.

Kylie is one of pop music’s most likable stars, so she will always have fans — like myself — who are willing to stick around for the long haul. But as a Kylie fan since 1988, I can admit disappointment with her entire Kiss Me Once campaign. Actually, if I am being totally honest with you, I must admit that Kiss Me Once left me feeling underwhelmed from the beginning. Sure, it has a few very strong moments, mainly “Les Sex” and “Feels So Good,” but most of the record is utterly forgettable. There’s no doubt that Kylie will always be my favorite pop artist. I just hope that her next move will be worthy of having her iconic name attached to it.

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