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Black Taxi Releases “Final Days” Lyric Video

Black Taxi have released a lyric video for “Final Days,” the lead single off their new studio album, Electroshock Death Grip. The band recorded the album, which is their third full-length release, at No Shame Labs in New York City with producer Jacob Wagner.

”Electroshock Death Grip is our first full length album since 2011, the band recently told Diffuser.fm. “We’ve progressed so much since then, in our songwriting, lyric writing, and overall sound. EDG gives a nod to a vast array of influences, the way our albums always do. But this time around we ended up with a much more cohesive sound than previous recordings.”

The band describes the new LP, which you can download on iTunes now, as “introspective and retrospective in its lyrical content, and futuristic in its production.” Moog synths, fat trumpet lines, and jangly tambourines pay their respects to 1970s-era funk and disco records while deep, punchy drum production gives the album an ultra-modern feel.

Black Taxi lyric video

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