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Single Review: Aiden Grimshaw – “Satisfy Me”

I’m going to come right out and say it at the beginning: I love this single. Yes, Aiden Grimshaw is best known for his appearance on the seventh series of The X Factor (UK) in 2010, but he always seemed like a fish out of water on the show. I felt he was destined for greater things than being categorized as just another former X Factor contestant. His 2012 debut album, Misty Eye, was a polished debut, but it lacked the edge I knew he was capable of delivering. Unfortunately, I was left hoping for something more. With his new Dimitri Tikovoi (Goldfrapp, Sophie Ellis-Bextor) produced single “Satisfy Me”, Aiden has more than lived up to his potential.

There’s a certain style of pop song that Aiden Grimshaw could easily build a good career around, and he has found one of them in “Satisfy Me.” Propelled by sexy, driving beats, the song is about the pain and loneliness someone who is in a relationship that is leaving them unsatisfied experiences. Grimshaw’s aggressive vocal delivery is able to capture the angst and tension that a man feels when he just wants to be satisfied by someone who seems out of reach. With a true sense of urgency and desperation, Aiden declares: “If You could see what I see, if you could feel what I feel, then you would close your mouth and satisfy me for real.”

While the track is oddly reminiscent of “Bodies” by Robbie Williams, “Satisfy Me” is unique enough to grab your attention and hold it throughout. Grimshaw’s attitude and the hostile production are absolutely infectious. I am more than satisfied with “Satisfy Me”, and you should be, too.


Jared Braden

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