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Lost & Found: Reina – “Find Another Woman”

Released in November of 1998, Reina’s debut single “Find Another Woman” was just what dance floors across America demanded. Led by Reina’s powerful vocals and Hex Hector’s bombastic production skills, “Find Another Woman,” which was written by Michelle Lewis, was a bonafide dance floor destroyer with a strong, self-empowering message.

With lyrics like “go on and find another woman who is just what you need. You can go try, but I won’t stand right by why you wonder,” Reina’s earth-shaking vocal performance captured all the heartbreak of a love affair gone wrong.

Speaking about the song with Billboard in the September 26, 1998 issue, Reina, who previously provided backup vocals for Deborah Cox and Corina, said: “I fell madly in love with the song from the first time I heard it. It has everything: great words, a cool chorus…and Hex brings this magical vibe to the record. Everything came out so easily. We knocked it out in a few hours, which is unheard of.”

At a time when dance music was once again becoming more mainstream, “Find Another Woman” could have easily crossed over to pop radio, but it never fully reached this goal. However, it was a massive club hit, peaking at number two on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The song even received a nod the Winter Dance Music Conference in Miami. I can still remember the exact moment and location where I first heard “Find Another Woman”. I was wondering around a massive gay club in Dallas looking for a group of friends that I had gotten separated from during the night. A few moments into the song, I knew I was listening to a dance classic that would always be a favorite of mine. I can remember standing there just listening to the lyrics and actually feeling the thunderous beat work its way through my entire body. Some sixteen years later, Reina’s “Find Another Woman” is one of the rare songs that can still be heard blasting through the speakers of my car.

What has Reina been up to lately? In October of this year she released a new dance song with New York-based production/writing team Sweet Rains titled “Forever.” The song, which is in currently in heavy rotation of XM’s Utopia, is out now on iTunes with remixes from Ranny, Nukage, and Nick Harvey.

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