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Download: Black Box – “Everybody Everybody (Jolyon Petch’s Emerald Peacock Funk Mix)”

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with soul singer Martha Wash. Italo-house music band Black Box had this in mind when they released the single “Everybody Everybody” in 1990. Although she initially went uncredited, Wash had the powerful, full-bodied voice that the dance act was looking for. The single was a monumental club hit in America, where it reached #1 for three consecutive weeks from July 21 to August 4, 1990. The song also found similar success in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

New Zealand based DJ and producer Jolyon Petch has given the track a proper update while still maintaining the sound and integrity of the original. It gets better because Petch is offering his remix as a free download: “Something a little more slower & funkier from me this time round. One of my favorite bands from the 90′s was Black Box, so found this acapella and put something together for some of my chilled out bar sets I get booked for from time to time.”

To download the Jolyon Petch remix of “Everybody Everybody”, head over to his official website and sign up for an account. It takes about 3 minutes.

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