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Yoko Ono On Lady Gaga: “She doesn’t need me or anybody”

In a new interview with Time, 80-year-old artist icon Yoko Ono only offered up only praise for Lady Gaga. When asked if she would ever record a dance track with Gaga, Yoko replied: “She doesn’t need me or anybody. She is a mountain on her own.” This isn’t the first time Yoko has praised Gaga. She recently told Elle: “…it is good to have an artist like Lady Gaga stick her neck out. Otherwise, art will be dead.”

If you’re not aware, Yoko Ono was one of three artists to deliver two top 20 Billboard dance club singles this year. Her latest single, “Bad Dancer”, is lifted from her fifteenth (!) overall solo album, Take Me to the Land of Hell. The LP, which features production work from her son Sean Lennon, features a plethora of guest vocalist, including Jared Samuel, Shahzad Ismaily, Lenny Kravitz, Christopher Allen, and more. Take Me to the Land of Hell is out now on iTunes.

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