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Sinéad O’Connor Prepping New Studio Album, “The Vishnu Room”

“Nothing Compares 2 U” singer Sinéad O’Connor has started working on her next studio album. In a new interview, Sinéad revealed the title of the LP will be The Vishnu Room. “I’ve already started recording my next album, which will be called The Vishnu Room,” Sinéad told U-T San Diego.

As for the album title, she explained it will be named after Vishnu — the Supreme God of Vaishnavism. “Well, the religion I identify with the most is Hinduism, although I hate ‘ism.’ I have in my bedroom a mural that I got a friend of mine to paint of Vishnu, who is the Hindu equivalent of the Holy Spirit. It’s all flowers and smiles, and much brighter than what I was raised with, which was the image of a crucified man, who I somehow had some responsibility for.

“Vishnu is the supreme Godhead and lives in the core of everyone’s heart. So, that’s on the wall of my bedroom and it’s going to be an album of very romantic songs, not that much ever happens in my bedroom.”

Sinéad recently stopped by The Saturday Night Show (Ireland) to perform two songs, including a brand new track titled “How Nice a Woman Can Be.” Check out the performance below.

5/12/14 Update: For more information on The Vishnu Room, click here.

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